Gift Guide

Hi friends!

How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? If you’re like me, you’ve probably done a lot of thinking about shopping – but possibly haven’t acted on it yet. #oops

I’ve got some good news: I’ve pulled together a Pampered Chef gift guide for you! If only you had someone suggesting the best products too – then you really could have it all!

Mix ‘n’ Chop – $16

This is the most popular product from Pampered Chef, people LOVE it! It makes cooking ground meats a breeze, it can also be used for homemade tomato sauce (see my recipe here!) and coarsely mashed potatoes.

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Mix ‘N Scraper – $21.75

I think this guy is amazing. I honestly use it so much, I have two and they’re almost always both dirty (maybe I need to do dishes more often…). It’s just a good all around kitchen heavy hitter. It’s the large one on the right in the picture!

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Flexible Cutting Mat Set – $23.25

I used to think these things were wimpy and weird, before I tried them. Now I really love them. They’re super handy for quickly chopping something, and then it’s really easy to transfer the food pieces to your pot/pan/bowl/whatever. I still love the bigger sturdier cutting boards if I’m doing a lot of chopping. But sometimes the heavier duty ones are a bit over-kill and cumbersome for a small job. Plus if you want to treat your knives right and help maintain their sharpness, you should only be cutting on wood and plastic.

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flexible cutting mats


5″ Santuko Knife – $76

This is one of my favourite knives for small jobs. It honestly makes such a huge difference using quality products, and I know it’s really easy to rationalize not spending money on kitchen tools and knives – but take a second to think about your cost per use ratio. You use some of your kitchen tools (like knives) EVERY DAY! I just think it makes cooking so much more fun if your tools are safe, reliable and easy to use. It’s the one in the middle of the photo, with the grooves in the blade.

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8″ Chef’s Knife – $106 

I would also recommend the large Chefs Knife, we have an older version that we got as a wedding gift four years ago and it’s amazing. This is probably my husband’s favourite tool, if you see him around you can ask him about it – he’s a huge fan. If he sees me using this knife he’ll come into the kitchen and stop me mid-chop, so that he can use it instead. I’m okay with that. (It’s the large knife on the left in the picture below)!

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Thanks for reading friends, there are so many more wonderful products that I would recommend – but here’s a good place to start!

Happy shopping!