Citrus Press

Hi friends!

Happy *almost* New Year! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and celebrated with those near and dear to you. It’s very possible we all ate a little too luxuriously these last few weeks as we enjoyed the season, so here’s a product review of something that should help with some healthy patterns for the New Year.

I love my citrus press for several reasons:

  1. When you squeeze the whole lemon, oils from the rind are released into the lemon juice and then you get to consume them – and they’re really good for you!
  2. It makes things easier. After you roll your lemon on the counter, slice it in half and then toss it into the press and squeeze all the juices (and oils) out! This tool does the squeezing for you, which is good news if you have arthritis or any weakness in your hands.
  3. You don’t waste anything, often when you squeeze citrus with your bare hands (or bear hands if you’re hangry) you can’t quite get all the juice out yourself. This tool is much more efficient at lemon squeezing than a human hand.

You can use fresh squeezed lemon juice for so many things! I use it in my bone broth, or lemonade. I also love mixing a little bit of greek yogurt with fresh squeezed garlic and lemon juice for a nice dipping sauce for french fries – it’s AMAZING.

I’m trying to drink more water, and sometimes it really helps me to add some fresh lemon juice so that I actually drink it! If it feels like fancy water then I’m more inclined to drink it. #adultlife

Anyways, here’s to a happy and healthy New Year full of freshly squeezed lemons!

(photography by Kaitlyn Gibson)