Smooth-Edge Can Opener

Hi friends!

It’s time for another product review, this month I’m talking about the smooth-edge can opener. This can opener is positively dreamy to use, it doesn’t leave sharp edges! It cuts the edge of the can directly ON the little metal lip, most can openers cut through the thin metal just inside the lip creating a dangerously sharp edge.

This can opener works a little bit differently than others, you place it on TOP of a can with the rim in between the circular gears. Then you turn the handle clock-wise, until you go all the way around. Turn the handle the opposite direction to release it. After that, you use the little birdy teeth graspers (on the right in the photo) and grasp the edge of the can with them, press the button for the teeth to grip the top of the cut can and remove, voila!

It’s a really great tool and I love it! I would recommend to a friend πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading friends!