Mix ‘N Scraper ®

Hi friends!

Wow wow wow, you’re going to love this Mix ‘N Scraper ® . I have two and they are both nearly always dirty because I use them so much – and maybe because I need to do dishes more often *inserts shrug emoji*.

I use it for stir-fries, pasta, cookies, icing, sauces, cake, muffins, quinoa salad – pretty much anything that needs to be stirred or scooped. It works really well for moving food from one place to another, like getting allllll the cream cheese icing out of your mixer (and into your mouth).  I used it last week when I accidentally turned my caramel sauce into toffee… I’m trying to highlight that it’s heat-resistant, not that I ruined my caramel sauce.

Basically it’s a a kitchen all-star and I would 10/10 recommend to a friend. You can get yours RIGHT HERE!